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Jr. Ranking at 20th floor

1641mas1843017424818MTWJr2010/ 6/ 8 12:17
2641mas1843017424818MTWJr2010/ 6/ 9 13:39
3622Jerry2140451742812MTWJr2010/ 2/21 19:43
4401mas69061531553720MTWJr2010/ 6/13 13:19

This BGM is 'the theme of fighting the Vampire'.
In addition, you can download the save data of 1-3 order rank. You click the right button for a link of the order, and I choose "save ". You call it from a program by saving a file name in data folder as save1.dat. But a kind needs "Tower of the Sorcerer for Jr.(3DVersion) of Japanese" in the case of MTWJr. (There is not the danger of the virus if you call it from "Tower of the Sorcerer for Jr.(3DVersion)".Because it is checked data)