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Ranking of Tower of the Sorcerer for Jr.

The savedata1 which you want to register.(savejr?.dat)
The savedata2 which you want to register.(optionjr?.dat)
Name(Handle name)

Way of the registration

1. Appoint savedata1 of Tower of the Sorcerer for Jr. after click "reference button". Default is C:\Program Files\TSWJr3D\savedat.
2. There is save1.dat..save8.dat if you go there. File type is "All files(*.*)".
3. Appoint the savedata1 which the data of the floor that you want to register.(It is savejr?.dat.)
4. Appoint the savedata2 which the data of the block that you want to register.Savedata2. (It is optionjr?.dat.) ? is the number of the block which you want to register enters.(It isn't optionjr?1.dat.)
5. Input your handle name.(Please input within 18 words)
6. Please click the submit button.
7. Registered your data if you watch display "Registered the data normally."

1. It may be displayed "submit data" where is installed Internet security software in to your machine. It should be transmitted a message if you admit it.
2. There may be the person feeling uneasiness for upload. Please watch the source of this form. You understand that transmit only the data which you appointed.
3. Please you send E-mail to Oz if you want to delete your some ranking.
4. No check in this page. So error message is displayed when you click the submit button in the state that text box has nothing.(ex. no name, no savedata...)
5. Please be careful not to become the same name.