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I am Fairy

I am Fairy.

I display the national version ranking of the tower of the Sorcerer.
Please click the image of the boss of the block which you want to watch.
Tower of the Sorcerer(3DVersion) needs more than Ver1.1 for the participation to the ranking.
You click title when you participate to the ranking please.
You click boss character when you see ranking and dawnload data.

Tower of the Sorcerer Ranking
Ranking at 10th floor Ranking at 20th floor Ranking at 25th floor Ranking at 40th floor Ranking at 49th floor

Tower of the Sorcerer for Jr. Ranking(Under Construction)
Jr. Ranking at 10th floor Jr. Ranking at 20th floor Jr. Ranking at 25th floor Jr. Ranking at 40th floor Jr. Ranking at 49th floor

This BGM is 'the Fairy's theme'.